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Why Pay For Website Design and Digital Marketing Up Front! Pay Per Lead Saves You Money! It Provides You With Peace Of Mind Knowing You Only Pay For Results Instead Of A Monthly Rate Even If You Get No Results

Direct Marketing

Your message is delivered to every home in North Bay with delivery verifications. This Includes residential dwellings that may be: detached, semi-detached or attached in a row and have separate entrances. Apartment buildings do not allow door to door delivery but we leave the flyers in a visible location.

Tabloid Newspaper

If you do not want the expense of printing flyers for us to delivery, we are currently finding support from businesses for us to publish a weekend newspaper that offer less expensive ways to get your message out to the public


Catalogs are great for selling items that are popular. Each business we serve may purchase a page or two in the catalog to list their items. We'll publish the catalog as often as the business community supports it. During this pandemic it would be a way to sell essentials.

Digital Marketing

We've spend the past ten years identifying how to get a website ranked well on the search engines. You can either pay for each lead we provide to you or pay a monthly fee.

SMS Marketing

This is optional but it allows your customers to be notified when the flyer has been delivered. It is also great for advertising flash sales.

Parcel Delivery

We are setting up our carriers to deliver parcels when they delivering flyers. It's more affordable than the alternatives. It also makes contact tracing easier, and that simply saves lives, since you only have one contact person for your deliverables.

Complete Advertising Program and Order Delivery Fullfillment

Flyer Delivery Service

“We have a very simple business model for anybody who wants to advertising using direct mail and online advertising together. The BEST of Both Worlds. Direct Mail Is The Best Form of Conventional Advertising, and when used with digital marketing platforms at the same time, provide even better response rates. For example, when you pizza flyer is delivered, the customer is notified using SMS and we can provide the customer with SMS promotions at the same time the flyers are delivered to increase sales.  

Don Gord Cox B.Ed B.A

Volume customers

We discount volumes  >99,999 pieces per year.


NO Discount For Volumes  <99,999 pieces per year.

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