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My name is Don Cox. While I have had my own past business success, what my wife Melissa and I are really excited about, is relaunching the online business that we started back in 2011.

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You started an online business, solving a problem every website and blogger experiences. 

Which is HOW to add more content, when you're already pressed for time. To outsource to a "copywriter", expect to pay 10 to 15 cents per word for content. That's $200 to $300 per 2000 word blog posts. We can do it for a LOT less, and at the same time, give you the very best copywriting in the world, around your keywords. All SEO is included.
We've built a curriculum, teaching you ONLY what you need to know to make money online. Everything else, will be done by us. And that includes all the time intensive, technical work, like setting up your website, and doing all of your blogging for you.

By using the time saved by NOT having to do your own blogging, or worrying about your website's technical challenges, all you need to do, is finish our curriculum, and by the end, you know how to:

  1. Become The Best Chief Editor You Can Be.

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