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New Blog Paradigm

Our proven business system and blogging service works! We have tons of data from hundreds of customers. We share the PayPal and Google data with customers only. Join and see for yourself, and if you’re not satisfied with our credentials, we’ll refund all your money with 24-48 hours.

Target Customers

Nobody wants to work with annoying customers.It’s easier to work with people who share much in common with you, and are about the same age.  If you decide to join as an affiliate to sell our service, we’ll provide you with the target customer demographics.

Ongoing Training

We teach the tech stuff, but only so you understand the value of it.  We provide you with all the fundamental technological setup, and all of your blogging, so you have time to attend our training, taught in small groups, by a certified adult instructor,.

See Our Sales Video >

7 Day Trial Period

The trial period is a total win for you. 

We get absolutely nothing, not a penny, until you are absolutely sure you trust us. 

We’re currently only taking on  10 new customers per week. 

You may lock in your spot in the cue with a down payment.

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