Contract Flyer Distributor

Quick Overview

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2. Start Distributing

Collect and distribute flyers across neighborhoods

3. Get Paid

After you finish your deliveries, you’ll receive a payment.

We’re looking for flyer distributors who have a ready-to-work mentality. If you take pride in your work, you’ll be a good fit. You’ll have the opportunity to explore neighborhoods and distribute promotional material, such as door hangers or flyers, at the doorstep of potential clients.

Flyer distributors are retained as independent contractors and cover assignments within a 30-mile radius from their home location.


  • Collect promotional items from client site
  • Distribute flyers to targeted homes / business parks
  • Use mobile app to track and log progress
  • Track number of flyers distributed
  • Regular communication with our distribution team


  • Smartphone
  • Messenger bag or backpack to hold the promotion items in
  • Transportation ability to collect flyers from client
  • Verbal and written fluency in English
  • Mobile cellular connection suitable for GPS tracking
  • Strong interpersonal and customer service skills, as well as the ability to maintain a professional demeanor when interacting with our client
  • Ability to adapt to a rapidly changing environment and embrace the adventure!

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Most frequent questions and answers

How many hours can I work?

Up to you – it depends on how much you can walk! 

We ask you do a minimum of 3 hours per day. 

Do I need to bring anything?

Please bring a smart phone and a bag, preferably a backpack or messenger bag.

How much do I get paid?

You’ll earn by the hour. Your hourly rate will be given to you prior to starting, and you’ll also receive a pre-calculated bonus rates which would be reflected by your performance at the end of the campaign.  

Logging starts when you start with your first flyer of the day, and ends with your last. 

How do I get paid?

You get paid directly via Paypal, Venmo, Cash App or Zelle. 

If you have another preferred method, we will attempt to work with you.

Is this a one time thing or consistent work?

We’d love to provide you with multiple jobs as the orders come in!

Our jobs range from 1 – 21 days at a time. 

How does the tracking work?Can I be notified for future work?

All distributors wield a smartphone with the TSheets mobile app to track their time and gps location pings.