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Cox Marketing Solutions has been providing offline marketing solutions for 22 years and has been providing Online Digital Solutions Since 2011.

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If You Change the Way You Think About Things, The things You Think About Change!

Make A different Choice

One thing I learned from my mother was to think outside the box.

I spend most of my time since 2011 learning how to affordably solve the problems that have been plaguing most online businesses for over a decade or even longer.

I used this same process to built my successful advertising business operating from 1996 to 2011

Now, I’ve been applying it to building my online business, and within months I found an affordable solution.

I remember my family and friends laughing when I told them I’d secure the contract to deliver every business flyer that Canada Post was delivering, and I’d do it for less money, and have them deliver the flyers..Until I showed them them my profit, and that now Canada Post was delivering the same flyers through my contract for less money.

How Did I Do It?

I changed the way I was looking at the problem.

I simply put the flyers into one sealed clear poly bag,  reducing the number of flyers that had to be delivered to one unit. Which costs less money than 20 separate pieces.

We helped thousands of people earn extra money over those years.  

And the business provided my family with a very comfortable living, and a lifestyle that allowed us to spend more time with family and friends, 

In 2011 I decided to turn my attention  to solving the BIGGEST problems almost every online business owner experiences. And is the reason so many people failed to make any money online


They were following a business system that was flawed, outdated and assured that they’d only succeed at being consumers of even more products.

I’ve revolutionized the online business system, creating a better and affordable one.

That’s what online Entrepreneurs do!

Let me show you how  we made $289,570.13 in  our first 12 months with only 300 customers working only 4 hours per week offering this solution to others.

And since you don’t know and trust me yet, I am prepared to  give you a website, with all the bells and whistles, and other incentives because I know once you understand our trade secrets, you’ll understand why our system works.

I’ve also decided to work with ONLY 12 people per week.

This is so I can meet all of you personally over the phone, and as a certified teacher, I know teaching you in small groups is much better.

Naturally I will scale things up based on demand.

So hurry!

Lock in your spot in our cue!

We’ll get you started in the order you join.

And no worries, the training starts right away, and if you want to quit, you have up to 7 days to decide.

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