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coaching services

We provide full one on one coaching using a sliding scale to determine your rate. Your coach can provide inside information gained through 22 years of experience in business. We can provide limited  tutoring online, in whatever area you need. We also provide mentoring with regular phone contact, help setting SMART goals, help finding a great niche with proven products and services to sell. We also provide a written plan to achieve goals and scale your business growth.

We also provide emotional support in regular small group meetings.  I have 10 years experience in counselling, specializing in all the new psychological techniques to improve results.

Time Managment

Learn to make the best use of your time.

Presentation Management

You can create presentations or have one of our professionals do it for you, at reduced prices.

Business Budget

Discover exactly how to calculate your financial needs, and find funding

Online marketing

We can build a suite of online marketing media

Content Marketing

We can help you create your content strategy, and provide SEO services.


Scaling your business growth is important. We can help!


Every business, established or not, can’t succeed without proper planning. We can help you with grow by publishing your online assets, your SEO content for you, and providing a suite of add on products, services, marketing plans, and ad coops to increase traffic and conversions on your websites pages and advertising media.

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