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Be sure you complete the form below when requesting a specific eCourse. We will get back to you by email as soon as possible.

Legal Questions

We are NOT selling you the eCourse. We own these courses and are lending one to you. We ask that you PAY ONLY for the postage, handling, and for the USB drive required to contain the eCourse you selected. Like any other library, we ask that you send us the eCourse back on time, which is no later than 60 days after you receive the media at your door, by mail or courier. Late charges of $1 dollar per day may apply for media not received on time. DO NOT lend or make a copy of this course. DO NOT sell the eCourse or lend it to anybody else. Doing so is against the law and you could be charged and/or fined if you do. The eCourses are provided as is, and we are not responsible for any defective media/content. The payment you make is $30USD for regular mail and $60USD for courier. We do not provide refunds.

The Payment Button And Order Form is Found Below
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If you have arrived on this page it means that we’re prepared to lend you one of our eCourses from the list above.

There is a non-refundable fee of $30 USD per course which pays for shipping and handling by regular mail. For faster service make the payment twice


Complete the form below, specifying the name of the course you want, and one alternate in case we don’t have it. You’ll find a payment buttons below too, since you have to pay for shipping/handling and the cost of the USB drive. We ship by regular mail, unless you want it faster. In that case pay us twice to cover the cost. We send the course content on a USB drive, at your cost. Please check your spam or junk folder for more information after you complete the form below. Please consider whitelisting our email address for future contact.

Learn How to Whitelist By Visiting the Link Below


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Payment Button Bellow

Shipping Options

PAY US: Then Complete The Form Below

To make things easy, please email us a copy of your receipt showing a payment of $30USD.

Email an image (no bigger than 10mb) of the receipt to ecourses@mentormastermind.com

And record the transaction number on the form so we can match the eCourse with your info.

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