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Media distributors

Get paid weekly

How Does It Work?

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You get paid after each distribution. You may be required to take a photo of the media and parcels you deliver. The photo must show the address number on the residence, and the media (flyers). To do this, you may be required to stand up the media in the mailbox so they can be seen in the photo, or put the media in a clear plastic door hanger bag if no mailbox is available, then take a photo showing the bag of flyers and the house number.

For parcels, you need to take a photo of the parcel(s), near the residence house number. You may then need to place the parcel in the customers predetermined spot after the photo is taken.

FAQ's Below For Paid Online Business Affiliates

Carriers will be given first spots available in our OnlineWorkersNetwork.com Affiliate Membership Income Opportunity.

It’s FREE to join for all Carriers.

$250/week Training Allowance

Qualify for a paid training allowance ($250/week Maximum) for 4-12 weeks. 

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Sales Video

100% satisfaction

Refund Policy

After the trial period, if you want a refund, you may request one by emailing your request.  Each request is evaluated individually. If you request a refund before services are performed, like within 14-21 days, versus waiting for months to ask for a refund, the chances of getting a refund is increased. 

We want you to be happy. So we’ll work with you to satisfy your request. Please acknowledge that if we perform a lot of work on your site, your refund amount may be reduced to reflect the the time spend and money paid to set up your website.



During the trial period we will meet with you individually for free mentoring. This will give us an opportunity to discuss your goals and to help you find a niche. It will give us an opportunity to get to know each other better. We want to be sure we are both comfortable working together and that you are motivated and serious about the opportunity. We also want to know more about what you bring to the table, and your online skill level. Knowing this helps us create your curriculum. You may also need to complete a survey and perform some writing, to determine your learning style. This is important because people learn new things in different ways. Some learn visually. Others by hearing information and some learn best by doing. 

Not everybody who signs up will be good candidates for this opportunity. That’s just the reality of it. We know what kind of affiliates do best and what kind of people may not excel, based on many factors. We would never judge you and if you are not selected, that doesn’t mean you can’t try applying again later.

paid training

For Affiliates

Our hope is to attract at least 100 new affiliates quickly, so we can begin the training allowance right away. The more new affiliates who sign up, the faster the training allowance can reach the maximum of $250 weekly. 

Payment may depend on your performance. It also will depend on you demonstrating that you are mastering the curriculum. Not everybody will excel. That’s just the way it is; some people apply themselves and others don’t. If you are hoping to collect a pay cheque by doing the bare minimum, you should drop out of the trial because you’ll be wasting your and our time. This is not a cash grab opportunity, nor a get rich quick scheme. It takes commitment, hard work, an aptitude for learning online concepts and skills, and other skills that you may not possess. This is in no way a reflection on you as a person. So please do not take it personal if you are asked to try again later. 

Payment for training will NOT start at the maximum amount. In fact, it may be a lot less than you’re expecting. Keep in mind that we’re only collecting $39 per month from each affiliate, and we have to pay a large chunk of that in commissions and then also pay our service providers, hosting fees, etc.

However, once we have more members, and how many we do not know exactly yet, you’ll get paid more money for the training.  

We know that some will receive great pay than others. We are working on a plan whereby those who join early and don’t make as much money during training than those who join later, will be paid the difference retroactively. Again the pay is dependent upon your performance. For example, if you have not signed up anybody, you may not receive the training allowance until you do. You will be paid the maximum of $250 weekly, provided specific sales volumes are met. While you may excel at the training, because you have superior scholastic abilities, but if your sales volumes are not met, you will not be paid for that payment period.

We simply cannot pay you for training, if you cannot produce sales. Otherwise, we’d go broke paying people for learning skills they cannot translate into sales. 

We’ll mentor you monthly and more frequently if you choose, to help you overcome obstacles to making sales. We want everybody to succeed.  

any extra fees

I need to be aware of?

We’ll give you as much as we can for free, but we’re in business to make money. So we can’t subsidize everything. For example, if you want to setup a storefront  to sell t-shirts for example, you’ll need WordPress plugins that are not free. We also cannot set up all of your plugins for free. Some require much more work than others. It’s the same with API’s that connect various platforms to your website.

For example, content marketing is king. No online business should choose to NOT use it. We cannot write your blog posts for you for free. We do have the lowest costs for this service compared to others. 

At some point, you’ll also need email, SMS marketing, PPC advertising, FB advertising etc. We cannot pay for these services for you. While some service let you start for free but eventually, you have to pay. 

We recommend using Elementor page builder, Envato Elements, EastVSL, and other services. These services are not free and we cannot pay for them for you. 

We also have many other online services that we can do for you. Like making animated or “power point” style sales video with voice over, or setting up your first webinar event, etc. We can do these things for free.

Please make a budget. Running an online business requires some money. I can’t say for certain exactly how much because it depends on the type of business you’re building. 

If you are just making money recruiting new affiliates, we do provide you with many services for free because it’s in our best interest to do so. Again, we can’t pay for it all. 

We will be offering advanced training, and this will be paid training. We have not decided on the pricing yet. 

In some cases when we offer services and training at reduced rates for those who can demonstrate financial hardship. You’d have to submit private financial information that can be verified by us, before any reductions can be applied however. And we can’t promise reduced prices for too long especially if you are not performing. 

financial hardship

How We Can Help!

We may offer reduced prices for those with financial hardship. 

You must provide documentation that can be verified.

Reduced prices will be temporary. And the difference between the reduced rate and the actual rate, may be deducted from future commissions and/or your training allowance for up to 3 months. 

Reduction on your affiliate fee is not possible if we have to pay commission on the actual price unless we signed you up. If another affiliate signed you up, we may not be able to offer a reduction because your sponsor will lose part of their commission which is not fair to them.

We can only offer reductions on pricing for products/services we sell you directly. And we can only offer a reduction on one service only. 

You may also be required to pay the difference between the actual vs reduced prices. Which will be deducted from future commissions. Reductions may also reduce your training allowance amounts in the same way.

Our goal is to help you make money. We can’t do provide reductions if you are meeting your expected sales volumes over time and/or you are not demonstrating an effort/ability to master the curriculum. 


MLM Comp plan

How much can I make?

Once we reach our target of 1,000 members, we will be implementing a new MLM compensation payment plan.

This will result in increased income. 

We cannot tell you now how much you’ll be making, nor which MLM comp plan we’ll be adopting.  Since this is something we’ll be deciding together.

Once we attain our target, the training allowance will reach its maximum payout of $250 per week. The money of course will come from all of the members. If members decide that they no longer wish to subsidize the training allowance it will not be offered any longer. 

We will pay the difference in any training allowances for a limited time period only, which can only be paid retroactively for a limited period to be determined.


Send us any feedback about errors on our website for a change to win a free website. Conditions do apply. Send an email detailing the errors to admin@cmdi.ca

The site is being updated daily, and we apologize for not having some pages typically found on a website. 

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