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You’ll receive an email after you subscribe to one of our Franchise Builder Services.

We provide you with 80 of the best rated eCourses to choose from. They cover a wide variety of relevant topics. The courses do NOT become your property. You are allowed to BORROW one course at a time. You have to agree to returning the course on time or you’ll be charged a late fee. There is also a $30 USD fee for postage and administration as explained to you on the eCourse Page.

We suggest you setup your appointment ASAP, and definitely before 7 days of your subscription has passed, or you’ll miss out. 

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Unless you receive an email indicating otherwise, your blogging will start almost immediately.

You have to meet with me, complete a few forms and a survey, choose a niche, send us your keywords if you’re providing them, whitelist our emails address, and a few other things.

If there is a slight delay, which happens, you’ll know in the first email you receive. 


You can ask for one change to your posts, but your page content is updated by you.