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Fast Start Training

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Since we do all the setup, and write your content for you, you’ll have hours of free time each day!  Spend more time with family and friends and let us do all the heavy lifting for you! It also provides you with time to attend our free training! 


Without good health, it’s hard to operate a business. Working inefficiently wastes time. Getting obsessed with certain aspects of your online business is easy to fall into.  Our free training, teaching you how to be productive and efficient. We also provide meetings designed to increase your confidence, and sense of well being. 

Small Groups

We try to keep our live and online class sizes to 10-12 people. This is because small group learning is proven to be best. Educators who teach in small groups, use mastery, and cooperative teaching methods yield the best student results. We tailor each class to meet the individual needs of every student, using pedagogy that appeals to each students best learning styles.

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