Thanks in advance for using our online estimate tool. All you have to do is complete the form below to the best of your ability.

The estimate will be emailed or sent by SMS or text message.

This estimate may be inaccurate, so be prepared to pay more 5-10 percent more, just to be on the safe side.

We are very busy, and expect to get more busy. So please decide quickly.

If you want service, you need to book your appointment for service NOW as we are already have a two week waiting period. We expect to hire 10 more workers this month.

All of our workers will be wearing COVID-19 approved gear while cleaning. They’ll be practicing social distancing, so please do not take this the wrong way. IF the worker is NOT doing this, call us urgently at 705-498-9973 or 705-471-3140 or 705-472-1234

It’s best if there is nobody in the residence while the cleaning is done, as some of the chemicals can be caustic if inhaled. Plus it ensures that no person or animal comes into close contact with our worker.

We video tape the whole process. This is your assurity that we are not cleaning out your residence instead of cleaning our your garbage.

All of the workers are bonded and insured and have been carefully vetted. Many we have known for decades. And all of our workers will be wearing a GPS locator and a Body Camera on the front of their body and above the waist. The devices must always be fully charged and in the ON position (ie recording). The worker may have to provide a refund to you if they forgot to make a copy of the security video.

We also have all of our workers information. If you suspect anything is missing, or any other issue with our worker, call us at any time immediately. If we cannot solve it in house, by locating and returning any missing items, undamaged, within 24 hours. Then we’ll report this to the authorities together either way.

And you will not be charged for the cleaning service. And the next one is also free. Tell us how to make it better, and we will!

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