Turning Affiliates Into Franchisees

I am building an affiliate program, to teach people how to successfully build an online business. The affiliate program provides each affiliate with everything they need, to build their own online business. All future affiliates need to do, is find a niche, to specialize in, that they can feel passionate about, so they can produce great editorial.

We do pretty much everything else – technically speaking, for each affiliate. I mean, I don’t personally, do all the technical work, but I have spent the last 8 years, learning how to do most everything myself. Which gives me the advantage in knowing, how much monetary value to assign to each task, required to build an online business.

It’s all about knowledge. Knowledge is power.

For example, you want to build an online business. Yet, YOU, may not know how much to pay for having a website built, for example. Or you may not know how much to pay for SEO services. Which leaves you at the mercy of whomever you hire to do these things for you. You have to trust that they’re giving you a fair deal, right?

Our affiliates, don’t have to worry about this because we provide all the technical, and SEO services, as part of their monthly subscription, for online business building services.

Our subscriptions may seem expensive to you. And anything is expensive if you don’t know what you’re paying for.  When you consider that we’re not only giving you a website, all setup and ready to go, including all the plugins, you may not now what I mean?

Which is why we provide a trial period. Not just so you can see what we’re doing for you, but so I can get with each of you, one on one, and explain it all. It only takes one bad experience; getting ripped off just once, and you may decide to not even bother. Which is understandable. Why take the chance?

When I say we do all the technical work, I mean we do it all. When I say we provide you with the best of the best content, around you keywords, that’s what I mean.

But what if you don’t know what any of this means? The lingo, the jargon, that comes easily to me, can be completely foreign and intimidating to others. So, IF I can’t explain this to you, in the first 7 days, so that you understand, then you can still back out and not be charged a penny. Even if you decide against using us, it’s not wasted time for either of us.

What I can tell you, up front, is it’s really important that affiliates to choose niches they are passionate about. That’s because they’re going to become the Chief Editors of their blog, rather than trying to do all the blog writing themselves.  We know, by experience, that trying to do ALL of it, is a monumental waste of time.

Besides writing excellent editorial, around the content we create for them in each blog post, they also have to learn how to produce a positive “return on investment” or ROI, on at least 3 advertising platforms.  These are the two major responsibilities of each affiliate.

And honestly, these are probably, the ONLY two BIG things you need to do well. Everything else, isn’t directly connected to making money. These two things, in our opinion, are directly connected.

Practice income producing behaviours. This is one of the biggest universal laws to making money online. I know it sound like a cliche, because it is. It’s simple but not easy. Another cliche. Cliches are cliches because they are always true. A universal business law, so to speak.

This is why, we provide an interactive curriculum. We can only do this by providing a small student to teacher ratio.  That is to say, since I am a Certified Teacher, I’ll be teaching each affiliate – personally.

I use mastery learning, which means, you either going to learn HOW to do it, or you’re not. And I have to be honest, this is NOT for everybody. In fact, most people, aren’t cut out for it. The work can be isolating. It can be lonely at times, always working alone, and by using our curriculum, you have to show up, or don’t bother. You can’t just thrown money at it and expect your business to work.

Naturally, the first BIG advertising platform we want our affiliates to use is content marketing or blogging. We’ll be teaching them how to choose the best niche. Then how to find an aged domain, which gives them a running start, in terms of SEO anyways. We also want to teach you how to build for targeted traffic. Of course, we’ll also be teaching them how to build ideal customer profiles, and how to find the best prospects.

Which is easy for us because we’ve had access to our customer’s data since 2011. We also teach you how to target for the products and services, you want to sell.

We’ve been providing blogging services since 2011. So we know a little about whom makes the best ideal customers for us. We have access to the information our affiliates need, because we’ve been collecting data about our customers for years now. We have no problem sharing that data with affiliates.

Affiliates are required to not only attract customers with their SEO blogging, but also by using paid advertising. We currently use email marketing and Solo Ads. We also use Facebook advertising, and banner advertising, to attract new affiliates.

At present, our affiliates, get a lot of value, with their monthly online business building services subscription. Things like, content in their blog posts. We use real human curators, who find the best of the best curated content around each affiliates niche keywords. We provide them with almost all the technical wizardry. We also provide them with some amazing first class training. And we’re currently building the price for each affiliate’s Envato Elements subscription, into the price for the business services subscription they pay each month.

Each month, affiliates, subscribe to one of three, business building memberships, which also includes most of the content they need to produce, for their content marketing to work.

In fact, one of the biggest problems that online businesses have is trying to come up with fresh, relevant and important content on a daily basis. We solve that problem, right off the bat. This allows our affiliates to focus their attention on learning ONLY what they need to learn, to build a successful online business.

It’s not rocket science – there is a ton of evidence, for lack of a better word, which proves what online businesses need to focus on, to build a successful online business.

So rather than having to try and do everything by themselves, today, we have the resources to provide, what we call, the essential business building services, that online businesses need, to build a solid business foundation.

Like having great content, and an excellent easy to navigate website, that’s functional and aesthetically appealing.  Access to technical business building services. Like having somebody, who knows what they’re doing, to setup the businesses WordPress theme, and required plugins. SEO services is another huge area, that we help new and established businesses with. I could go on, but I think you get the idea.

As the owner of MentorMastermind.com, and a certified teacher, I know how to build a curriculum that works. I mean, it essentially comes down to teaching our affiliates, what they really need to learn. Rather than guessing, or learning knowledge and skills, that really have nothing to do with profits. Which is where a lot of new online businesses go wrong. They’re learning the wrong paradigm, so to speak. That is, the think that learning how to do SEO, or they have to personally write 2-3 blog post per day, or they won’t be successful.

Whomever told you that, blogging every day, is critical to your success, may have told you this, because they wanted you to buy their WordPress theme, for example.

Look at where the information is coming from. Ask yourself, are they telling me to buy SEO software, for example, because they want you to believe that you HAVE to do your own SEO to be successful? Certainly, understanding how SEO works and why it’s important, is great.  All I am saying is be careful where your information is coming from. Everybody has an opinion. It doesn’t mean it’s right. Do you own due diligence. Don’t just take my word or anybody else’s word for it.

The goal, is to help each affiliate signup 100 new affiliates, and then later, turn their affiliate membership into a franchise. Each franchisee, then would have to pay a one-time franchise fee, which can be financed over 5 – 10 year terms. They would be responsible for maintaining a business relationship with the 100 affiliates that they have signed up. In turn, they’d be paid more, since they’d be receiving profits from all the products and services that they sell to the affiliates they’re managing, less a royalty fee payable to us each month.

Having a franchise is better than having just an affiliate membership because they can sell unlimited products to the affiliates they signup. They can sell not only our products and services, but their own info products, provided that the products and services they create, are acceptable to the franchise owner.

Not every MentorMasterMind Affiliate will be allowed to own a franchise. They’ll not only have to have a good credit rating, but will also have to prove themselves, as not only excellent managers, but also can take care of all the technical problems, their customer incur. As it stands, affiliates don’t have to worry about managing customers nor do they have to take care of any of the technical problems.

The advantage to us (the franchisor), is that the work load for managing new and existing customers, is greatly reduced. My wife and I found that managing 100 customers is enough work for the both of us, and if we want to offer our services to more than 100 people each month, we’d have to put new managers in place, and then manage them. We’d prefer to franchise, since it’d give new and existing affiliates an incentive for taking care of the customers they signup. We wouldn’t have to worry so much about managing so many people, which is ultimately what we want in the long run.

Who wouldn’t want to have an online business, that pays a monthly residual income? As a franchisor, we make the one-time fee, and we’d also earn a royalty from all the franchisees.

For example, we’d prefer to have 1,000 franchisees each managing 100 affiliates than having to manage 1,000 managers.  It’s hard enough to find good people as it is. The franchise allows us to incentivize all the work, and we think it would lead to greater business success, and increased customer satisfaction.

Naturally, affiliates who join early, have an advantage. Not only would they be able to select the prime niches to specialize within, but they’d also be the first affiliates we’d consider selling franchises to.

If you have any question, leave a comment below. If you can’t comment, send an email to info@mentormastermind.com

Next setting up your categories. We’ll provide you with the keywords, around your niche. Your job is to setup your categories. Set them up, like as if you’re writing a book. Present the topics in your blog, in the order, that they’d be published in an ebook. later on. You don’t have to publish an ebook, but it’d be easy to do so, if the data was already to go, right?

So spend some time, and set up your topics, properly, first. It’ll make for better reading and can help you make more money down the line.



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