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Earning $289,759.13 in 12 months proved to us that what we were selling was a great solution for getting your blogging done. Instead of spending countless hours battling with words, we found a way to reduce your work from writing 2,000 words to only having to write 200 words per post.

We’ll teach you how to think like the “Chief Editor” & “Master Marketer” of your business. Versus  working like a “Blogger” , Technician, and Manager. We’ll show you how to win, like an Entrepreneur.

Unfortunately our business success was cut short. That’s because we could NOT deliver what the customers were asking for next. That’s because, we didn’t have the knowledge and skills yet to build the online real estate, content strategy, SEO, and the marketing plan we needed. To do this, I had much to learn and then also learn how to put that knowledge and those skills to practical use for you.  

So instead of being greedy, and losing sight of the big picture, I decided instead to teach myself everything I needed to know to help our customers the most. Customers like you for example. Well I did it, eventually, after many years.

Now I am ready to be that person I needed to be back then; An expert in building other people’s online businesses at affordable prices.

I don’t expect you to take me at my word. Many of you don’t know me so why would you trust me?  So let me make it easier to trust me. I am publishing a video that you can watch, showing me receiving PayPal income reports from both of my business accounts. Next the video will show me receiving it in my Gmail account. I’ll also record me opening the reports into a spreadsheet on Google documents. This is the only way you’ll know they’re both authentic, and this is how I will share our first years income claim.

I will also share statistics from some of our past customers Google analytics accounts to prove that we increased website traffic by up to 2500% within 30 days. I wish I captured images of the many customers who had their webpages rank in position one, on page one of the Google SERPS! But I didn’t think to do this, yet it remains the true.

There are two conditions:

1.  I will only reveal the data to current customers or subscribers.  In fact you don’t even have to spend any money, because anything you pay for in the first 14 days is fully refundable. 

2. You must sign a non-disclosure agreement, promising to never share the information with others nor ever use our trade secrets revealed to you, to compete against us.

Now, all customers also have an opportunity  to join us as an affiliate member for free. You can earn 50% commission, 40% on your personal sales and 10% of the combined sales of everybody you signed up to our service and as an affiliate.

Lastly, if you’re serious about making money online, you must be prepared to spend at least  $99 per month or more on one of our business building services subscriptions. You must also agree to invest $100 dollars or more, into paid advertising coops that we setup and run for you. This will provide you with invaluable in depth statistics about those who subscribe to your aWeber list and about your active customers. This includes all future customers data, demographics and, “psychologics” learned from the many customer surveys we’ll be administering to your customers and to your fellow affiliates over the many months and years we work together.


The following topics are included in the webinar.


Watch a video of us downloading our first year's PayPal income reporting verifying this income claim!


Learn how our online business builder not only builds your website, and provides you with products and services proven to sell using our sales system, but also includes all of your "done for you" blogging and webpage content.


Earn 40% commission on personal sales, and 10% commission from all sales made by your downline! Get complete training program, including complete sales funnels with landing pages and aWeber email followup messages!


Hold on to your hat! Find out how we also include all the blogging services, including SEO content around your keywords!


Our training program uses the world's best strategies teaching you how to kill it with paid advertising by teaching you how to master any form of advertising, as taught by the current top rated eCourses & Instructors!

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